Treatment of Percodan Abuse

There have been growing concerns about Percodan abuse in the US. The increase in abuse is due to Percodan’s widespread availability and low cost. It is not only available via prescription but also in drug stores and always at a relatively low cost.

Percodan abuse mainly occurs in the elderly simply because they are more prone to painful diseases such as cancer; which in turn makes them more likely to be prescribed the drug.

Percodan is composed of a narcotic element and a non-narcotic element. Aspirin, the non-narcotic part is used as pain relief and for the treatment of coughs. In the recent times, acetaminophen has replaced aspirin due to recognition of the blood thinning effects that aspirin is now known to have.

Oxycodone is the narcotic component and is stronger than aspirin in relieving pain. However, like other narcotics, Oxycodone is not only highly addictive but also produces unpleasant side effects and therefore it is important the prescription instructions are followed.

Treatment of Percodan Abuse

Percodan relieves pain by binding the brain’s pain receptors. However, it is abused due to the intense euphoria and profound feelings of relaxation that it provides. Once an individual has been using the drug, physical dependence to Percodan can occur and it is this is coupled with a psychological dependence that results in addiction.

A chemical tolerance will make it harder for the drug to bring about the initial relaxation or euphoria which will lead to the user increasing the dosage or the frequency thereby initiating the abuse. It is important that a user doesn’t alter the dose unless it is under the doctor’s direction.

When a Percodan addict tries to stop taking the drug, withdrawal symptoms will be experienced and will vary in intensity depending on the individual as well as the amounts of the drug that they were taking. The side effects may take between six to twenty four hours after the user stops taking the drug depending on their tolerance and the dosage being ingested.

Even though the symptoms are not likely to be fatal, they are very unpleasant and uncomfortable and users are advised to look for assistance from a rehabilitation center (800-303-2482) with professionals who specialize in opiate addiction recovery.

Withdrawal from Percodan can either be done through inpatient or outpatient programs and will depend on the severity of the addiction. However, the most effective is the inpatient program which has two elements. The first is detoxification when the user is cleansed of the chemical toxins in their body, further use will results in more chemicals being deposited in the body.

The most effective method of withdrawal is rapid detoxification; an individual will be anesthetized while the toxins are flushed away and they don’t experience any of the symptoms.

The second element of the treatment addresses the psychosocial aspect of the abuse and the user will undergo counseling on how to deal with the predisposing factors of the addiction.

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